About Us

Hamner Brahmans is a family-run operation based out of Hondo, Texas. Walter and Katy Hamner purchased and began breeding Brahmans for their children to get involved in the industry.

Walter's passion for the cattle industry is fueled by his grandfather who got involved in the 1950s. Walter followed in his grandfather's footsteps and got involved in the commercial cattle industry.

In 2017, Walter and Katy's children were beginning to express interest in showing cattle. We fell in love with the Brahman breed because of their disposition and purchased show heifers for their children.

However, Walter quickly saw the first-hand benefits of the Brahman breed in his commercial cattle operation. This led to the founding of Hamner Brahmans.

At HBR we strive to use the top genetics available in our breeding program. This provides our customers with quality cattle, that can improve their herds, whether commercial or purebred.

The cattle industry allows us to spend time together as a family, whether that is in the pasture, working cattle, or around the dinner table. It is a wonderful way of life that allows us to benefit the next generation and the cattle industry. Those two items are our main passions at HBR - benefit the next generation of cattle producers and better the industry.

Top-quality animals that can perform anywhere.


We Want to Hear from You!

One of the goals for HBR is to help other Brahman breeders not only with superior genetics but with support and information as well. HBR is available for producers with similar goals of improving the Brahman breed by improving their operation and helping each other.

We want to hear from you so reach out to us via phone, email, or by visiting the farm for the Hamner Brahman experience!


D'Hanis, TX