Top quality Brahman cattle

45 minutes west of San Antonio

Family Owned & Operated

Walter and Katy Hamner own and operate Hamner Brahman Ranch (HBR) in Hondo, Texas. The main goal of HBR is to raise Brahman cattle using top-quality genetics that can work to improve commercial or purebred herds and the Brahman breed.

Walter has a deep-rooted history in the cattle industry with extensive experience with commercial cattle. This experience helps him better serve his commercial cattle customers and other purebred breeders that serve commercial cattlemen.

At HBR we appreciate the family atmosphere that the cattle industry provides. We work to grow that experience within our own family and the Brahman breed. Customer service and supporting other producers are paramount at Hamner Brahmans.

We strive to provide quality genetics, but we also focus on helping benefit the next generation of cattle producers and better the industry as well.

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We Want to Hear from You!

One of the goals for HBR is to help other Brahman breeders not only with superior genetics but with support and information as well. HBR is available for producers with similar goals of improving the Brahman breed by improving their operation and helping each other.

We want to hear from you so reach out to us via phone, email, or by visiting the farm for the Hamner Brahman experience!


D'Hanis, TX